Whiskey Barrel Bird House


These Bird Houses are primarly made from Whiskey barrels.  The roof is made from a thicker pine and the bottom is plywood with screws so it can come off easily and be cleaned out.  The entire house is sealed to protect it from the weather.  They are wonderful for whiskey fans or anyone who loves rustic/industrial art.  

This design is available as a wall hanger.    


The bird house measures about 7 inches x 7 inches and is 9 inches tall (not including the chimney) and it comes with a chain for hanging.


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  • Product Variability

    Each piece of barrel wood is different and unique.  As such, each item we make varies a bit in color, grain, size, etc.  The photo in the catalog is representantive but not the exact item you're ordering. Your purchase will vary slightly. 

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