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wedding card barrel

wedding card barrel


Keep your cards safe and secure in this rustic card holder made of white oak with a natural oil finish.  These small barrels are perfect for your country themed wedding.  After your event you will have a nice memento of your big day to display in your home,  Your cards will be secure in this barrel and can be easily taken out by removing 2 small screws on the bottom to open the trap door.  This barrel is quite large and heavy...a quality piece.  It can easily hold 100-150 cards.  The barrel is 20 liter sized (about the size of a 5 gallon pale)  The measurements are:
Height - 16 in 
Width - 10.5in (at top) and about 14in (in middle)
Card Slot - 7in x 3/4in
Trap Door - 6.5in x 4in
No additional charge for personalization and free shipping.

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