Personalized Chevy 3100 Barrel Head

Personalized Chevy 3100 Barrel Head


We can personalize this product.   Just let us know what you'd like it to say.

If you have a different vehicle in mind, ask.  We may ba able to do it.


Years of service have blessed these barrel heads with unique rustic patina unlike any other material. 

Most barrel heads on the market are laser engraved which results in an appearance of being mass produced.  Our barrel head designs are carved into the wood, giving a higher quality dimensional appearance.

They are wonderful for whiskey & bourbon fans or anyone who loves rustic/industrial art.  



Authentic reclaimed oak whiskey barrel head . 21" diameter.

CARVED design.  Not printed on top.

Wall hanging hardware installed.


Free shipping within the continental United States

  • Product Variability

    Each piece of barrel wood is different and unique.  As such, each item we make varies a bit in color, grain, size, etc.  The photo in the catalog is representantive but not the exact item you're ordering. Your purchase will vary slightly.