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Customized Clock - Simple Design

Customized Clock - Simple Design

SKU: P130

Use this to order a custom or personalized clock.  Typically to add a simple monogram or existing logo.  A completely custom one-off clock will be more.   Please inquire before ordering.


Years of service have blessed these barrel heads with unique rustic patina unlike any other material.  They are wonderful for whiskey fans or anyone who loves rustic/industrial art.  

This design is available as a clock.  Clock mechanism is included. 

One AA battery is required.


Authentic oak whiskey barrel head . 21" diameter.


Free shipping within the continental United States


  • Product Variability

    Each piece of barrel wood is different and unique.  As such, each item we make varies a bit in color, grain, size, etc.  The photo in the catalog is representantive but not the exact item you're ordering. Your purchase will vary slightly. 

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